Integration of a robotic arm complex? Not with Comau!

  • Elimination of cumbersome interfaces
  • Robotics is primarily a plug-and-play component of the automation environment
  • No expansion of software systems, but simplification of the automation architecture
  • Simplification of engineering work instead of various tools, systems and components
  • Perfectly coordinated hardware and software for improving the performance of the process
  • One engineer instead of (many) different suppliers who must work together based on their own expertise / experience
  • Simplicity instead of complexity, optimum performance and maximum usability guaranteed through constant synchronization
  • A single controller for the entire machine set-up
  • Easy service with remote access

Comau robotisation: the need for simplicity through openROBOTICS!

All robot brands, with the exception of Comau robots, have a very complex integration in the current production environment. Multiple software systems, automation and robotics components, engineering tools and bus systems from different suppliers must allegedly start working together. This increases complexity, impedes performance and has a negative impact on usability. As a result, production systems often cannot synchronize optimally, and - with various engineers responsible for robotics and automation - diagnosis and manageability remain difficult.

Comau robots seamless integration

No "brand-specific robot control software", but Comau integrates directly into your current Automation environment. The application of a robot arm hereby becomes simple, affordable and manageable by making use of the already known software environment. Who would not want that? This makes Comau unique in the world and eliminates the cumbersome interfaces traditionally needed between robot and machine controllers to integrate a seamless mechatronic solution, where robotics is primarily a plug-and-play component of the automation environment.

With this Robotics Benelux proves in practice that the opposite is true of what is often seen as complex, expensive and uncontrollable; the need for simplicity through openROBOTICS.

Are you investigating whether the use of a robot arm can provide an advantage for your production process, for example in time, accuracy, speed and working environment? Make an appointment with Robotics Benelux for an extra in-depth look.

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  • Industrial robot arms
  • Educational robot arms
  • AGVs
  • Tracks
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