Curious about the possibilities of robot and track applications?
This page is fully designed to fill you with ideas.
Below you’ll find all kinds of videos of various applications of the robots.
Although we mainly supply robots straight to machine builders, we still have a lot of contact with the end-users.
Using our large network, we can always match you with the right machine builder / system integrator who has experience with your type of product and production.
So please take a look around at this page and call us, we are happy to make the match for you!

Space research


Automation for press line


Packaging boxes


Axe linéaire inversé






Metrology station


Palletizing dairy industry


Extra Large Gantry


Robot Cantilever 500 KG


 Arc Welding


3D quality control


 Palletizing boxes




Gantry 3/4 axis




Machine tending and palletizing


Automotive applications


Dubbel Axis 4 x Painting Robot


Gantry 4 axis


Just because we didn’t mention your industry, doesn’t mean we cannot supply a matching robot. Contact us and let us assist to identify the right product solution.