The Easy Palletiser is the most customer friendly solution for palletising

  • program your own stacking patterns
  • whitout any robot knowledge
  • “Industrie 4.0” way, this requires easy learning and “do-it-yourself” programming
  • maximum flexibility
  • How? Comau can offer you what no other robot producer can. Comau delivers robots without control units.
Easy Palletiser

Empack Den Bosch 08 - 09 september 2021


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U bent van harte welkom op onze stand.

Evenementen, zoals beurzen, zijn vanuit de overheid toegestaan, omdat deze evenementen in zogeheten doorstroomlocaties worden gehouden. Wel blijft de 1,5 meter maatregel van toepassing. 

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Siemens Sinumerik Run my Robot & CEAD 3D printing

The machine consists of a Comau robot arm controlled by Sinumerik Run MyRobot /Direct Control and equipped with a single milling spindle to achieve excellent precision on complex 3D surfaces. Siemens Sinumerik is used to directly control the Comau robot arm, without the need for a robot controller, enabling increased robot and positioning accuracy while travelling along a path.

Collaboration between Robotics Benelux, Comau’s a official distributor in the Benelux market area, and its System Integrator CEAD Group has brought to life an advanced 3D printing and milling machine for manufacturing large fiber-reinforced polymer parts for F1 car components. The high on-road performance of F1 cars comes also from their aerodynamic design. The perfect shapes of their bodies are the result of high-precision mechanical processes.

TIV Hardenberg 17-19 sep 2019

Meet Robotics Benelux at our stand: Hal 6 – Technologiestraat.

TIV Hardenberg 17-19 sep 2019.

You can order your tickets for the exhibition following the link.

Robotization: the need for simplicity

The integrating of  a robot arm in your business process is often seen as complex, expensive and difficult. Robotics Benelux shows in practice that the opposite is true; the need for simplicity.

Are you investigating whether the use of a robot arm can provide an advantage for your production process, for example in time, accuracy, speed and working environment? Make an appointment with Robotics Benelux.
We connect you to a machine builder, system integrator or an OEM, providing you with the right advice, practical experience and budget accounting.

Most machine builders, system integrators or OEMs prefer to work with the brands known to them. Comau is still a relatively unknown brand outside the automotive sector, but Comau is far ahead of the user's openROBOTICS. OpenROBOTICS eliminates the cumbersome interfaces traditionally needed between robot and machine controllers to integrate a seamless mechatronic solution, where robotics is primarily a plug-and-play component of the automation environment. Robotics Benelux remains true to its motto "People make robots".

Porsche takes the largest collaborative robot in use from Comau. A huge step in the collaboration between people and robots in a production area


Car-making robots are powerful and dangerous machines, so there are always safety barriers separating them from factory workers.

Now Porsche is pioneering a new generation of robot, one that can work side-by-side with humans. It’s a car industry first, according to executive Jens Thomer.

“People and robots will co-operate,” says the director of vehicle project and factory structure planning, to build car bodies in Porsche’s main factory at Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart

Common portfolio “SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control” launched by Comau and Siemens


Comau and Siemens had joined forces to meet the growing interest in Industry 4.0 digitalization solutions. One as leading global company in development and implementation of technology solutions for sustainable automation and production, other as global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics, they leveraged Comau's wide range of robot arms and Siemens' smart solutions for handling and processing with robots.

Joint development activities and technology partnerships, such as the collaboration agreement with Siemens, are solid examples of Comau's on-going commitment to innovation and its advanced approach to collaborative,

Making robotics approachable


e.DO is easy to assemble with a user-friendly control interface designed to allow students of all ages to create, learn and play with robotics. At the most basic level, students use the external controller to describe a desired activity which is then transmitted to the robot via TCP/IP.

The student’s instructions are decomposed by the robot’s internal operating system and through an inverse kinematic process e.DO calculates and controls the way the joint moves to achieve the programmed outcome.



Leveraging the 40+ years of experience in the industry of Comau, the distributor Robotics Benelux rely on its unique position and understand the processes and underlying needs of the operators and propose them its advanced solutions. As a result, Comau's approach to collaborative, digital manufacturing is open in Benelux. Connected and easy to understand and to use. More importantly, it is characterized by a totally safe and synergistic collaboration between man and robot.


Keep it simple!


The electronics market for the business and entertainment sectors is overrun by smartphones and tablets.

These devices are available in everyday life and, for a growing number of people, are becoming the best human-machine interaction system.

In response to this trend, Comau has developed an Android application to perform “pick and place” operations in a completely new way, based on an “ease of use” philosophy.