Racer 5-0.63

A New Paradigm in General Industry Robotics

A world-class robot that doesn’t skimp on style. With their unmatched pace and movement fluidity, Racer robots deliver optimal efficiency and technological excellence wrapped up in a sharp new design.

Number of axes 6
Maximum Wrist Payload 5 kg (For Pick&Place 6 kg with a limited stroke of the 5th axis)
Maximum Horizontal Reach (Radius) 630 mm
Torque on axis 4 (Nm) 8.83 Nm
Torque on axis 5 (Nm) 8.83 Nm
Torque on axis 6 (Nm) 4.91 Nm
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 1 +/- 170° (400°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 2 -95°/ +135° (360°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 3                    -155° / +90° (400°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 4 +/- 200° (500°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 5 +/- 125° (500°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 6 +/- 2700° (800°/s)
Repeatability (mm) 0.03 mm
Tool coupling flange ISO 9409-1- A25
Robot weight (Kg) 30 kg
Protection class IP54 
Mounting position Floor / Ceiling / Wall (Allowable with payload limitations)
Operating Areas A (mm) 1081 mm
Operating Areas B (mm) 630 mm
Operating Areas C (mm) 37 mm
Operating Areas D (mm) 530 mm
Operating Areas E (mm) 136 mm

What Racer 5-0.63 can do

Assembly, Dispensing, Handling / Packaging, Machine tending

Racer 5-0.63 works with

Controllers  R1C
Teach Pendant  TP5

Racer 5 0-63 auxiliary systems

External Axes External Axes
Slides TMF

pdf icon Racer5-0.63 (2D-PDF)

DWG File Racer 5-0.63 (2D-AUTOCAD-DWG)

DWG File Racer 5-0.63 (3D-ACIS)

DWG File Racer 5-0.63 (3D-PARASOLID)

DWG File Racer 5-0.63 (3D-SOLIDWORKS)

DWG File Racer 5-0.63 (3D-STEP)

Payload: Small 0-16 KG
Reach: up to 1000 mm
Application: Assembly, Dispensing, Machine tending
Industry: Electronics, Plastic, Food and Beverage