Rebel S6-0.45

Technical specifications Rebel S6-0.45

Rebel S family: a modular concept to answer the growing market demand in the small robot sector
for high speed "Pick&Place" applications in general industry.

Robot Type SCARA
Axes 4
Payload 6 kg
Horizontal Reach (Radius) 450 mm
Vertical Reach (Z-Stroke) 200 mm
Repeatability (X-Y) 0.02 mm
Mounting Position Base / Wall
Internal User Wiring Electrical 25 pin-to-pin
Internal User Wiring Pneumatical 1 x 4 mm & 2 x 6 mm
Available Protection Classes: IP Class                     IP10 (IP54 Option)
Available Protection Classes: ISO Class ISO
Outer Diameter of Ball-Screw-Spline 20 mm
Inner Diameter of Ball-Screw-Spline 14 mm
Z Axis Down Force (long-time) 160 N
Robot Weight 20 Kg
Environmental Conditions: Temperature +5° - +45° C
Environmental Conditions: Relative humidity 5 - 95% (without condensation)
Applicable Controller R1C-4

Rebel S6-0.45 – What can do

Assembly, Handling / Packaging, Machine tending

Rebel S6-0.45 works with

Controllers R1C-4


 pdf iconRebel-S6-0.45 (2D-pdf)

DWG File Rebel-S6-0.45 (2D Autocad DWG)
DWG File Rebel S6-0.45 (2D 3D ACIS SAT)
DWG File Rebel S6-0.45 (3D SOLIDWORKS)
DWG File Rebel S6-0.45 (3D STEP)
DWG File Rebel S6-0.45 (3D PARASOLID)

Payload: Small 0-16 KG
Reach: up to 1000 mm
Application: Assembly
Industry: Electronics, Automotive, Plastic