About us:

Robotics Benelux is distributor of Comau Robotics and Lucas Robotic Systems. We started in 2016 and we have grown to a successful company that supports Machine Builders, System Intergrators and end-users with high-quality Comau Robotics Arms and Lucas Gantries and Tracks.

Comau has been supplying robotic arms to the automotive and aerospace since 1960.
However, in 2014, Comau indicated that it would expand the robot family considerably and that it would make it available for practically all types of industry.
To serve the new customers worldwide, the next step was to set up a distributor network.
For us it was a great moment to become a distributor of Comau in the Benelux and to start Robotics Benelux!

We are also proud to be the partner of Lucas Robotics for the supply of high-end tracks and Gantries. Lucas is situated in Bazas (near Bordeaux), this family company started in 1965 and is now a worldwide player supplying best of class tracks and gantries.  

“People make robots” is our motto, so personal contact remains crucial for us. You can always call or e-mail, but we prefer to visit you for a real conversation. In addition, you are welcome at all times in our demo center to get to know us and play with the robots.

See you soon!
Team Robotics Benelux

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