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The electronics market for the business and entertainment sectors is overrun by smartphones and tablets.

These devices are available in everyday life and, for a growing number of people, are becoming the best human-machine interaction system.

In response to this trend, Comau has developed an Android application to perform “pick and place” operations in a completely new way, based on an “ease of use” philosophy.

In the new version of PickApp 1.1, Cognex smart camera is supported to facilitate the application of Pick&Place with Vision System.

Normally, robot programmers are skilled technicians who use a teach pendant to interact with the robot. Comau wants to reverse this approach by giving our customers a more intuitive, easier and faster way to control a robot using an Android tablet!

Application requirements

Ease of use 

  • Intuitive Geographical User Interface
  • Fast programming within 15 mins for Pick&Place Application
  • Smart Camera Configuration Wizard

Wireless Connection

  • No connection cable
  • Industry Wireless Protocol support & Access point support
  • One table can manage multiple controllers

Vision System

  • Cognex camera support
  • Multi camera mounting position support
  • Autonomous pattern recognition
  • Linear/Angular displacement compensation

Application requirements:

​*To run the application a specific software option is required. If this is not present on your robot, please contact Robotics Benelux.

SW versions

  • Tablet – From Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above
  • Controller – From R1C/R1C-4 version 1.11.010
  • ​​Android Tablets with 8”-10’’ screen (4/3 aspect ratio)
  • We suggest using the following tested models: *

Android Tablets

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 VE LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 VE LTE
  • Samsung Tab A6
  • Ruggetech fieldpad8

Compatible Robots

  • All robots with R1C-4 controllers. R1C controllers need an additional bypass connector
  • Required a wi-fi connection able to access to Controller/robot IP address. If not present a plant wi-fi an access point can be installed in the R1C/R1C-4 controller. Tested models with 802.11g/n/ac protocols:


  • Hirschmann BAT-REUWW9ACC99A07T1S99PZH09
  • Netgear WAC730
  • D-Link DAP-1360
  • D-Link DWL-900 AP+

* Application functionalities are not fully guaranteed with different tablet models.

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