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Simplified Palletizing: Effortless Solutions for Your Needs

The Easy Palletiser: Your Ultimate User-Friendly Palletizing Solution

You can program easily your own stacking patterns whitout any robot knowledge!
Nowadays people like to work the “Industrie 4.0” way, this requires easy learning and “do-it-yourself” programming.
In Robotland this is still not the common way, not even in the Palletising Area, were you want to have maximum flexibility. Does your customer demand other product sizes or different amount of product on the pallet. You change it by yourself.
How? Comau can offer you what no other robot producer can. Comau delivers robots without control units.
Why do you want that? As machine builder you build your own control with your own engineers leaving you with a lot of extra benefits. And this is exactly what we have done.

Benefits of robot whitout control:

See here the introduction movie of the Easy Palletiser

Easy palletising - YouTube - Robotics Benelux BV- 1

Here you can find all the details on the Comau Pal180-3.1 robot

The advantages of the Easy Palletiser with Comau:

  • Everything will be programmed in your own program language and to your wishes
  • Flexibility, add your own new program on the touchscreen or tablet . No need for a robot programmer or any 3rd party
  • Plug and play
  • No communication between different controls (mitigating errors)
  • Easy human-machine interface
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