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Software Solutions: Elevate Your Robotics Experience

RoboShoplite: Your Portal to Seamless Robotic Simulations

Make a 3D simulation with Comau robots by simply installing the file from the download button.

Contact Robotics Benelux team to obtain a License Key.

See a screenshot of the program:

Software Functionalities: Optimizing Robotic Performance

Automatic Payload Identification: Automatic identification of the payload optimizes the robot movements

Collision Detection: Emergency stop of the robot in case of a collision protects the mechanic and the equipment

Cooperative and Synchronized Motion: Coordinated and simultaneous management of multiple robots and auxiliary axes (linear track, servo gun, positioners and other application equipment)

Conveyor and Sensor Tracking: Track parts on linear and circular conveyors. Precise usage path tracking of different types of external sensors

Joint Soft Servo Technology: Enable individual robot joints to yield to external forces as required by each specific application

Interference Regions: Limit the robot working space by dynamically defining regions of various shapes

Robot Absolute Accuracy: An algorithm that enables the adaptation of the actual kinematics to the theoretical model programmed off-line

Robosim Pro: 3D off-line programming

Application Software: Enhancing Robotic Performance and Functionality

Our application software packages are able to manage the most commonly used technological processes and include an easy-to-use GUI for imputing process parameters, customizing process behaviors and monitoring statuses.

SmartRivet: The SmartRivet software library supplies a set of ready-to-use technical instructions to manage your rivet system processes, with no need for process integration or code programming.

SmartIP Interpress: SmartIP software handles the complete interpress process and in particular, features a smart, user-friendly interface for managing process cycles including:

  • Interpress transfer cycles
  • Line loading cycles from the centering table
  • Line unloading cycles from table or mat
  • Hand-over cycles with part overturning
  • Cycles with part transfer onto intermediate table
  • Double pick-up and double deposit cycles

SmartTool Change: This software allows you to easily manage your Tool Change systems. Simply select the devices to manage and the software application does the rest with no need for integration or additional programming code.

SmartStud: The SmartStud software application features a set of ready-to-use technical instructions to manage your stud welding systems and the most common types of fieldbuses, with no need for process integration or additional programming code.

SmartArc: SmartArc incorporates a dedicated application software that allows the operator to set welding parameters and manage the complete system from the teach pendant, by means of a dedicated user interface.

SmartGlue: The SmartGlue application package provides full support for material delivering, gluing and sealing processes.

SmartHand: This application package provides full management for tools such as grippers that are used for material handling and attach to the end of the robot arm.

SmartSpot: The SmartSpot application package provides a full support and management of resistance welding technological process

Palletizing Motion: This optional feature allows any anthropomorphic or parallelogram robot with a 6 axes, spherical wrist to be used as a PALLETIZER. The robot will always keep the flange parallel to the floor downward; axis 4 is not used.

Axes Pursuit: The Axes pursuit functionality makes it possible to move one or more axes belonging to one Arm while allowing one or more axes of a different Arm to pursue it, and works in both Automatic and Programming mode.

Interference Regions: This algorithm constantly monitors the robot in any system state and automatically slows down and halts the Robot speed when the TCP (Tool Center Point) meets the boundary of user-defined “Forbidden” Regions and speeds it up in “Allowed” Regions.

Wrist Singularity Management: An optional function for spherical wrist SMART family robots that helps programming in cases where there could be motion through the wrist singularity, by enabling the trajectory planner to evaluate whether or not to automatically modify the ‘W’ attitude flag and evolution modality.

Weaving Motion: Weaving is an oscillating motion superimposed on a Cartesian trajectory used to distribute material in gaps with large cross sections relative to the material bead, for arc-welding applications and some gluing and sealing applications.

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