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Making robotics approachable

e.DO is easy to assemble with a user-friendly control interface designed to allow students of all ages to create, learn and play with robotics. At the most basic level, students use the external controller to describe a desired activity which is then transmitted to the robot via TCP/IP.

The student’s instructions are decomposed by the robot’s internal operating system and through an inverse kinematic process e.DO calculates and controls the way the joint moves to achieve the programmed outcome.

transmits real-time graphical feedback regarding the performance parameters compared to the intended desired activity. This information is then used to test and improve the student’s programming skills.

Using mathematics as an example, primary school students can practice geometry by calculating the perimeter of geometric figures that have been selected by e.DO and placed in front of the student. Older students can practice identifying points in space and using e.DO to draw the curves on a Cartesian plane. In both cases, e.DO supports traditional teaching methods while stimulating creativity and class participation.

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