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Controllers - RC1-4

R1C-4 it’s a dedicated control unit for the Rebel- S family

  • It manages 4 axes
  • No batteries (no UPS)
  • No BCM for overloads or short circuit
  • Instead, a fuse covers this function for the 24V directed outside

Two states of functioning have been identified: R1C-4can be used with VirtualTP5 or normalTP5.

The R1C-4 allowed digital interaction with the robot through a PC interface without interrupting the normal functioning of the robot itself.
This modality of functioning allows:

  • The visualization of the interface of TP5 on a PC and the interaction with it
  • The movement of the robot (JOG),the starting of the DRIVEs, the START/STOP of the cycle also with open gates (and with an operator inside the cell).

Technical specifications - RC1-4

Height x Width x Depth (basic version without options)
266 x 427 x 498 mm
10.47 x 16.81 x 19.60 in
Control unit (standard version)
The weight indicated
may differ depending on the configuration. Always refer
to the plate posted on the Control Unit
23 kg / 50 lb without packaging
Power supply voltage
 (according to EN 60204-1 §
4.3.3 standard, voltage interruption not exceeding 20 ms)
230 Vac ± 10%
Frequency (according to EN 60204-1 § 4.3.3 standard) 50 a 60 Hz (±2 Hz)
Main switch rated curent 16 A to 250 Vac

Note: the supply disconnecting device is a switch-disconnector
Power installed 3KW
Auxiliary circuits power 24 Vdc
Environment conditions Cabinet protection (rear compartment excluded)
(according to EN 60529 standard)
Environment temperature without cooling systems
(Test conditions according to EN 60068-2-14 standard)
from +5 °C to +45 °C *2
from +41 °F a 113 °F
Environment temperature with cooling systems (Test conditions according to
EN 60068-2-14 standard)
from +5 °C to +55 °C *2from +41 °F a 131 °F
Environment storage temperature (according to EN 60204-1 § 4.5 standard) from -25 °C a +55 °C
from -13 °F a 131 °F
+70 °C / 158 °F for periods shorter one hour
Maximum temperature gradient 1,5 °C/minute 2,7 °F/minute
Relative humidity 
(according to EN 60204-1 § 4.4.4, test conditions
HD 323.2.3. S2)
from 5% to 95% without condensation
Altitude of the installation site (according to EN 60204-1 § 4.4.5 standard) from 0 a 1.000 m / 0 to 3280 ft above mean sea level
Controllable Axes Total of the system up to 4 axes
Cooling Cabin Forced air recirculation (with exhaust fan)
Drive command Forced air recirculation
Vibrations and crashes Sine vibration (according to EN 60068-2-64 standard) Frequency 10 - 250 Hz 0.6 g rms
axis Z acceleration 0.2 g rms axes X-Y<
Installation Requirements, Installation position Inside the RACK cabinet
Internal minimum dimensions of the RACK cabinet (width x depth x height) 483 x 600 x 265.9 mm 19 x 23.62 x 10.47 in
Space occupied on RACK cabinet 6 Units
Number of RACK Units to be placed between 2 Control Units in case
of simultaneous installation in the same cabinet
Minimum 1 Unit
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