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Positioners - PDTV

Double Action Vertical Positioners

COMAU Positioners allow the orientation of working pieces during the working cycle carried out by means of robotic cells. Positioners, use, as far as possible, mechanical units belonging to the COMAU family, engineered on purpose to interface each other and creating a meaningful product synergy.

The Positioner module may occur:

  • asynchronously with respect to the robot if a simple repositioning is sufficient between one phase of the process and the othe;
  • synchronously when the process to proceed without interruptions, such as for welding cylindrical parts. The Positioner turns the part, allowing the melted drips of the filler material to always fall by gravity into the groove to be welded. In this case the robot and Positioner shall cooperate and combine their motions on order to maintain the welding tool position, and the torch derived speed on behalf of the element to be welded is the one settled by the welding technician. This mode is practicable by means of special software options.

The PTDV Positioner is operated by the C5G Control Unit as a series of additional axes, typically integrated in the standard Control Unit that already manages the Robot.

Payload range: 250-850 Kg
Rotable diameter: 1100-1200 mm
Distance between supporting flanges: 1600-2500 mm



Rotate a working piece in a simple way


Double Action Horizontal Positioners


Rotary Tables by C5G Control Unit
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