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TIV Hardenberg 17-19 sep 2019

Meet Robotics Benelux at our stand: Hal 6 – Technologiestraat.

TIV Hardenberg 17-19 sep 2019.

You can order your tickets for the exhibition following the link.

Robotization: the need for simplicity

The integrating of a robot arm in your business process is often seen as complex, expensive and difficult. Robotics Benelux shows in practice that the opposite is true; the need for simplicity.

Are you investigating whether the use of a robot arm can provide an advantage for your production process, for example in time, accuracy, speed and working environment? Make an appointment with Robotics Benelux.
We connect you to a machine builder, system integrator or an OEM, providing you with the right advice, practical experience and budget accounting.

Most machine builders, system integrators or OEMs prefer to work with the brands known to them. Comau is still a relatively unknown brand outside the automotive sector, but Comau is far ahead of the user’s openROBOTICS. OpenROBOTICS eliminates the cumbersome interfaces traditionally needed between robot and machine controllers to integrate a seamless mechatronic solution, where robotics is primarily a plug-and-play component of the automation environment. Robotics Benelux remains true to its motto “People make robots”.

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