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Robot Family - PAL 470-3.1

Handle with Speed

Specifically designed for palletizing, handling and high-speed operations, this innovative robot delivers performance levels that may even surprise you.

Technical specifications PAL 470-3.1

Number of axes 5
Maximum Wrist Payload 470 kg
Additional load on forearm 25 kg
Maximum horizontal reach 3100 mm
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 1 +/- 180° (85°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 2 -60°/ +75° (85°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 3 -45°/- 205° (85°/s)
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 4 -
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 5 Axis bound to balance
Stroke (Speed) on Axis 6 +/- 2700° (180°/s)
Repeatability (mm) 0.15 mm
Tool coupling flange ISO 9409-1-A200
Robot weight (Kg) 2310 kg
Protection class IP65
Mounting position Floor / Shelf
Operating Areas A (mm) 3522 mm
Operating Areas B (mm) 3050 mm
Operating Areas C (mm) 480 mm
Operating Areas D (mm) 793 mm

Suitable for

Handling / Packaging, Palletizing, Vision System

PAL 470-3.1 works with

Controllers: CG5
Teach Pendant: TP5

PAL 470-3.1 auxiliary systems

Positioners: MP | TR | PDTV | PTDO
External Axes: External Axes


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